Little Yough Summer Music Festival Poster
Terah Crawford Band Live - Motion Graphics and Editing
Designs for Allegheny Trail House/Shift Frostburg
Oakland Renaissance Poster
Visitors to Deep Creek Lake Infographic
"Fracking Western Maryland?" Official Movie Poster
MoonShadow Animated Live Music Schedule
Facts About Healthcare in Garrett County Infographic
The Sacred Circle Way Logo
Mountain Maryland Management LLC Logo
HockeyTracker App Icon
Mountain Maryland Management LLC Secondary Logo
2017 DemFest Garrett County Logo
Garrett County Connect App UI Prototype Concept
Garrett County News Logo
Moonshadow Cafe Rack Card
Guns Out At Sundown Warped Tour 2013 Poster
Muddy Creek Falls Poster
Haley Farm Rack Card
Arts Walk Frostburg Poster
Time and Tide Creations Logo
Wizard's Age Studios Logo
AClearDCL Logo
Logo for DJ and Music Producer J-$ee Mentalz
John Kadlecik Gig Poster
The Commonheart New Years Eve 2016 Gig Poster
UZO - The Demotion of Pluto Album Cover
Mixing Numbers With Sounds - Changing Winds Album Cover
Optimus Riff & The Clock Reads Gig Poster
Optimus Riff Dirtrag Dirtfest Gig Poster
Dr. Strangelove
Mixed Photography Gallery
Outer Banks 2016
The Rock Maze
Autumn Glory Festival
Artists and Dreamers Art Supply Store Logo
EDC Trifold Brochure
Electronic Diagnostic Center Website Design
Office of Consumer Advocates Logo
Office of Consumer Advocates Website Design
Fest Apparel Logo
Flipcast App Icon for MyndArc LLC
Weather Maps App Icon and Launch Screen for MyndArc LLC
Allegheny Trail House Logo
Cooler World WV LLC Logo
Around the Back Logo Design
Elements Wellness Spa and Fitness Center Logo
Qworkstation Media Group Designs
6th Annual Bear's Picnic Music Festival Magazine Ad
Perfect Combinations Dinner Menu
Red Rocket
UZO - Orb Design
The King's Gateway
Rumpke Mountain Boys Gig Poster
Margarita in the Mountains Fest Advertisement
Pine Lodge Steak House Advertisement
Smiley's Fun Zone Advertisement
The Duel
Star Wars - The Duality of Finn
Voyage to the Portal
Kraken Airlines
The Realms of Heaven Send Wolf Design
The Realms of Heaven Send Globe Design
2010 Signal Butte Award Plaque Design
2010 Stone Creek Raceway Award Plaque Design
Dronesters Logo
Healthy Mountain Maryland Logo
McKee Sky Ranch Logo and Preliminary Design
Phoenix Soul
Magic Circle
Witchy Woman
Doctor Who - The Oncoming Storm Approaches
Digital T-Shirt Design
Guns Out At Sundown Banner
Survival of the Sickest Graphic and Motion Graphic
Alpha Company Assassins T-Shirt Design
Kolibri Designs Logo
Reef Right Logo
PinCheck App Icon for MyndArc LLC
MyRunz App Icon
Thredz App Icon
Digital + Fletcher's Grove Gig Poster
Hemlock Groove 4 Music Festival Poster
Otherworldly Home
DCL Marketing Group Logo
Watts Happening Logo
Banker's Toolbox Flyer
CloudChaser Capital Partners Logo
Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake Logo
Reef Tank Pro App Icon and Website Mockup
Autumn Glory Festival Designs
Appalachian Heart Greetings Logo Design
Talking Roses Logo Design
Pacific Rim
Blue Moon Cafe Logo Concepts
Star Wars Episode VII
Hope and Healing for Haiti Website
Star Wars - Death Star
Fletcher's Grove 2011 T-Shirt Design
Rise: Generic Propaganda - Graphic and Motion Graphic
Rock Camp Productions Web Design
The Bond-fire Arts and Music Festival Poster
The Hillbilly Gypsies Gig Poster
Marchtival Music Festival Poster
Mixing Numbers With Sounds Design
The Hobbit
FestyVision Web, Graphic and Motion Design
Postcard Design for Mya Hookah
Archie's Barbeque Web Design
Star Trek Into Darkness
Flyer for DJ Williams Projekt
Go! Southern Rams Website Design
Antsy Adams Picture Perfect Porter Logo and Label
Shoot Latin America Logo
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